Some 6mm sci fi fun

6mm 2

just a quick pictorial update on my fun 6mm project.

I’m currently finishing of the last part of my architectural education, the RIBA part 3…. It takes a long time in the UK to get completely qualified. so as well as working full time I’m now doing a few essays a month so not much time for blogging.

Any way this project is a fun one I’m doing with my mate Sam. Basically 6mm sci fi skirmishing and a bit of background creative righting based on the games and forces we make, more on that in another post.

The miniatures are a mix of angel barracks and dark realm.

6mm 3



6mm 1


A surprise HMS Shah


A little while ago I received a surprise miniature from Paul at tumbling dice. He had made me HMS Shah, it really was a happy surprise to receive this miniature. Here she is facing down the Huascar who she fought with on the 29th of May 1877. To be honest not much came out of the engagement but a torpedo was fired by the Shah. HMS Shah was designed by Reed, the Shah had an unarmoured iron hull which was wooden sheathed.

Massive thanks to Paul for this brilliant surprise.


The ill-fated HMS Captain



I ‘am still alive and painting, just painting time is eating in to blog time…..

So here is a quick post of the latest’s ships of the paint table HMS captain, an unfortunate but appealing design, appealing from a cool steam punk point of view that is.

The miniature is 1:2400 from tumbling dice.




12th century fun

1 12C

And in monstrously huge 25mm shock horror…. this is the first time I’ve painted something this big in a good few years. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they painted up though think they could do with some more detail not too sure, any advice or tips would be very welcome. The miniatures are from tumbling dice and I’m as always very happy with them. Little flash to clean up good variation of miniatures and just the time period I’m looking for mid to late 12th century / early 13th century. I’m aiming to use them for some skirmishing based in the welsh marches, it’s where I grow up so I’ve got a soft spot for the local history. I’m thinking of using saga for the rules I’ve never played them but they sound very fun. Not sure if i can just use the Norman and welsh battle boards or if I’ll have to mod my own

3 12C


2 12C

James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Douglas


Just finished off the second contingent for my 10mm Otterburn project, It’s was all good fun and games. This has to be the hardest heraldry I’ve tried to paint at 10mm, looks a bit scrappy but OK on the table. I’ve been darting back and forth a bit with my painting, there is one hell of a mix on the painting table…..


Sir Henry Percy, Hotspur

Hello internet, long time no post. I’ve been a bit all over the place recently what with holiday enjoying the UK heat wave and settling in to my not so new now job.

On the wargaming front I have been playing a lot of wars of the roses games using a homebrew twist of the scottorum malleus rules. The rules give a good fun and fast game that has an end results that feels about right. If I get round to recording one of the games I’ll put up a full battle report. In the meantime here is a picture from a battle… a York!!! a York!!!   wotr

I’ve also been side tracked by an Otterburn project in 10mm using Hinchliffe’s 10mm 100 years wars range. In my opinion it’s a very solid range the sculpts are good and are the same size as pendrakens. You also get a lot of different poses in the packs so your units look nice and alive. This is the first stand Hotspur himself who i will end up doing again for Shrewsbury with his later heraldry… probably…. the Flag is hand painted and looks ok for the scale me thinks, comments as always very welcome.

hotsp 1

hotsp 2

Mixed bag of painted ships… mostly 1:2400


I went down to the games night at the stains war gaming club last night had two great games of wings of war (must resist new shiny things) and a load of fun! I’ll be off down there again soon.

Off the paint table t his week is a mix of Victorian iron and 17th century elegance.

First is HMS Hotspur a bit off a flop historically but I like her.  She was designed as a ram to go in to battle with the fleet but could only make 12.6 kts Warrior made 14 kts….. And no that’s not a turret it’s an armed box with four ports for the one 12in MLR, still an interesting ship.



Next is the HMS Warrior




USS Indian at 1:3000 from NAVWAR, the fist of my US pre dreads. Fascinated by these since I went to the museum in Havana and saw a massive model of the battle of Santiago and had no idea what it was.


And finally a English galley frigate from the late 17th century  1:2400 from tumbling dice. Looking forward to seeing how she works in a game, could be interesting .

7 4 3

Visit to Duxford spring air show


Recently went to Duxford spring air show with my dad. It was a great day out that I would recommend to anyone. Highlights include seeing a B17 flying with P51 and P47, seeing a sabre flying and a B29 in the museum. Here are some pics.

1 2 3 4 7 6 5

And a quick update on my Victorian 1:2400….. project its steaming on nicely 🙂


I’ve got lots of projects tempting me at the mo, some all ready started some in the pipe line. And the trip to Duxford hasten helped… I’m thinking 50s cold war or possibly the air side of the very British civil war, I’ve got a soft spot for 1930 RAF aircraft.

Yet more 1:2400 goodness

Sorry for the absence of posts I’ve been settling in to a new job and off on a few climbing trips so not much time for blogging… but lots of time in the mornings for painting still. Here is a 100 gun late 17th century English ship of the line, 1:2400 by tumbling dice. These are coming together well I’ve got two more ships from this period nearly completed. Which is good as I’m being tempted back in to painting moderns 🙂 and my Romano Brits are also looking at me funny.1


I’ve also been busy on my 1:2400 ironclads, finishing off HMS Monarch. HMS Monarch was Reed’s successful fully-rigged turret ship. The arguments surrounding her design led to the catastrophically unsuccessful Captain pushed for by Coles.3


A bit of scale

scale 1

A few people have asked about how big the 1:2400 Anglo Dutch ships are. Here is a rather dodgy photo to illustrate their size, they are a 70 and 100 gun ship.