A York, A York

I dug up these old photos of my wars of the roses Yorkists. There from my slowly growing army I’m building for poleaxed 2, I’m aiming for to full sides eventually and at this rate probably finished sometime around 2015. At the moment I’m playing the Yorkists verses themselves using bloody barons with a few modifications to work with the basing.

The photos aren’t the best but I like the mass effect. It reminds me of being on the field at the Tewksbury re-enactment earlier this year (all be it on the Lancastrian side boo hiss). I’ll have to get some better pictures of these in a game up soon.

The miniatures are 10mm from pendraken


About benjaminwalton

I'm a 27 year old wargamer originally from Pendock Worcestershire. I now live in Kingston and work as an architect in Teddington lock. I've been in to wargaming since I was about 9, starting with airfix and revell plastic figures then moving on to games workshop. I'm now manly in to historical naval gaming but I'll play whatever looks like good fun.

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