Shipwrecked battle report

My mate Sam came over after work yesterday so we got in our first game of shipwrecked, and i have to say I think its a very good set of rules. plenty of fun to play with lots of tension, action and rapid decision making, which seams about right for modern naval combat. the game went ok for a first play although we did make some mistakes now and then. the rule mechanics aren’t too complicated, everything is basically resolved by a modified role on a D10. there is lots of interesting abstractions to deal with aircraft and subs so I’m looking forward to trying more of those out. the rule book is very well produced with lots of information and pictures and a really enjoyable read. We played scenario 2 from the Freeplay 88 book with a few tweaks to the ships involved. The scenario is basically an attack launched by the NATO ships at an unknown target obscured by thick fog. The target is either a neutral merchant ship (so not a target) or a Russians warships, In our game it turned out to be a Russian .

The order of battle for this game was


HMS Illustrious with 4 Sea harries armed ready to go

HMS Brave


Admiral Tributs (a udaloy class anti sub destroyer, so not overly effective verses ships)

Movement turn 1

Hms Brave is 25 nautical miles west of HMS Illustrious the Tributs is within short range of Brave but unidentified. Not wanting to risk Illustrious the Nato player launches two sea harriers from Illustrious and a sea king from Brave. The already air born sea king over illustrious moves 20 nautical miles away from illustrious towards the unidentified ship.

Combat turn 1

Hms brave and Tributs switch on active radar. Tributs detects the two sea kings but fails to detect ether HMS Illustrious of HMS Brave. HMS Brave detects Tributs and launches 2 Exocet missiles. Admiral Tributs fires on Brave’s sea king failing to destroy it but driving it off; the second sea king vanishes in a cloud of smoke and shrapnel. Tributs then after a tense moment downs one Exocet the second lucky disappearing in to the sea.HMS Illustrious fires two sea darts at the now confirmed hostile.

Movement turn 2

Tributs closed with Brave to try and confuse the inbound sea harriers and lunched her KA-27. Brave and Illustrious stuck to their course, with illustrious committing a further harrier to the strike on Tributs.

Combat turn 2

It’s all over for Tributs as the sea harriers hit home with an overwhelming attack. Seconds before the sea eagle missiles rip through the ship’s hull Tributs gets of two SS-N-14 torpedoes aimed at illustrious.

combat turn 3

Disaster strikes for the NATO ships as one of the torpedoes from the now Destroyed Admiral Tributs finds its target, crippling the aircraft carrier. This result makes the game a Draw.

We made a few mistakes with range bands in the first combat turn, taking them from the missile rather than the target ship. There was also a bit of confusion with detection and if once a ship was detected it was detected for the duration of the game. In the end we decided that in each turn detection had to be rolled for. Over all it was a positive game ending with both of us wanting to play another one. But unfortunately because we were still finding our feet with the rules the first game had taken too long and there was no time left for it. Next time the Russians should have some more toys to play with, so I’m looking forward to avenging the loss of the Admiral Tributs.


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I'm a 27 year old wargamer originally from Pendock Worcestershire. I now live in Kingston and work as an architect in Teddington lock. I've been in to wargaming since I was about 9, starting with airfix and revell plastic figures then moving on to games workshop. I'm now manly in to historical naval gaming but I'll play whatever looks like good fun.

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