Italian pre-dreadnoughts


We have the Italian pre-dreadnoughts RINS Italia, RINS Lepanto, RINS Dandolo and RINS Duilio, at the time the Italia class where cutting edge the largest and fastest for a few years,  although there were problems like with the main 17-inch guns having a very slow rate of fire.

The ships are navwar 1:3000, I’m looking at adding detail to these but am a bit stumped as to how, so any ideas great fully accepted.




About benjaminwalton

I'm a 27 year old wargamer originally from Pendock Worcestershire. I now live in Kingston and work as an architect in Teddington lock. I've been in to wargaming since I was about 9, starting with airfix and revell plastic figures then moving on to games workshop. I'm now manly in to historical naval gaming but I'll play whatever looks like good fun.

2 responses to “Italian pre-dreadnoughts”

  1. El Grego says :

    Very nice!

    As for additional details, maybe you could add masts and flags?

    • benjaminwalton says :

      Thanks very much, I like the oddness of these ships but it took me a while to work out which way they should be pointing. I like the idea of masts and flags think I’ll have to go on the hunt for suitable wire to use.

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