Some modern Ships for Shipwrecked


First off apologies in the massive gap between posts, I’ve been quite busy. As well as painting a big chunk of this lot I’ve been seeing some friends in different corners of England (manly the very North eastern bit and the east midlands bit) and generally trying to enjoy the great outdoors in-between the bad weather, I’ve had two climbing trips snowed off all ready this year oh well. I’ve also managed to get myself a new job which I’m very excited about starting.

Recently I’ve got in a few games of shipwrecked the first of these made me rebase all my ships on smaller bases. The ground scale just looked really odd with the size of base I was using. I’m much happier now ships aren’t sitting 3NM apart in game scale, it makes it easier for ships to defend each other. The games where all good fun and I think my head now understands the mechanics of the game. Playing theses games has really made me realise how important a good scenario is with modern naval gaming, it’s so easy for a game to just end up being a missile fest (not that isn’t fun) where you can pretty much work out the result based on the first combat turn.

Anyway here are some pictures of my forces so far. I have US, soviet, UK and Danish mostly from the 80s and early 90s. I’ve got a load of 90s and 00s Japanese, Norwegian, UK and German ships arriving soon so that should open up some different games.

As always ships are NAVWAR 1:3000, aircraft cap aero 1:1200



DK 1

US 1


About benjaminwalton

I'm a 27 year old wargamer originally from Pendock Worcestershire. I now live in Kingston and work as an architect in Teddington lock. I've been in to wargaming since I was about 9, starting with airfix and revell plastic figures then moving on to games workshop. I'm now manly in to historical naval gaming but I'll play whatever looks like good fun.

9 responses to “Some modern Ships for Shipwrecked”

  1. Chalfant says :

    Those look good. I had previously based mine significantly narrower than your original base size… they might be a bit wider than what you have now. It makes sense, in the game, to be able to put certain ships closer together, under umbrellas of protection. I could not make them shorter as I wanted space for ID (I need all the help I can get remembering what is what). But your fleets look good.

    • benjaminwalton says :

      Thanks Chalfant, I was thinking the same thing. The more I played especially with larger forces per side, the more it bugged me that the bases were so wide. Think they work well now though in game terms. It’s all a bit of trial and error really isn’t it, just so long as I don’t have to rebase them agene 🙂

      I know what you mean about ID I really need to start doing that!

      Have you got a few games in with your PLAN fleet yet?

      • Chalfant says :

        No PLAN games yet… we should have a game shortly (schedules for us have been crazy lately!) though. We plan on a simple game, one DD and one FF vs one DD and one FF… which means I should lose 🙂 My 1990’s PLAN stuff is not a match for 2010+ USN stuff, ship to ship.

        But for a preliminary game we just want to proceed simply, learn the basics. Then try a sub game, then work in aircraft (fighters and bombers). I’ll figure out a way to cheat later 🙂 Scenario design is most definitely the key… in straight up slugfests, it looks like most things will be on fire or sinking in short order.

        The ship size to game scale throws things off visually, but yep, I see that in larger games you want some vessels clustered together. In the smaller level “skirmish” games, this is not as much of a concern. I based my CV on a larger base, but have no qualms about overlapping bases of smaller ships for close in support (once that is painted, I will post pictures).

      • benjaminwalton says :

        Sounds like a good place to start. I made the mistake of putting too many ships in a game but not getting the balance between the forces right. The game turned in to a bit of firing range with the RN as targets till the soviets ran out of missiles and then quarterly withdrew without the RN even getting in to range to fire or getting Harriers of on a strike mission.
        I still haven’t got any games in with subs, shame really as the rules sound like a really interesting way of representing them.
        I defiantly feel your pain about playing against 2010+ USN, the Arleigh Burke class is truly a scary ship. Looking forward to seeing your CV painted up.

  2. CorvusMinor says :

    These fleets look exceptional, it’s really nice to see a mix of support in there too, the fleet aux vessel and the costal patrol boats.

    A few more helos and it’d be perfect!

  3. CAird says :

    Very nice! These have inspired me to start my own Falklands project using the Navwar miniatures.

    Any chance of showing some of the other modern ships you’ve done?

    • benjaminwalton says :

      Thank you. Glad you’re going to give modern naval gaming a go, which rules are you going to be using?
      I’ll post some pictures of the modern Japanese ships I’ve been working on soon

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