Some 6mm sci fi fun

6mm 2

just a quick pictorial update on my fun 6mm project.

I’m currently finishing of the last part of my architectural education, the RIBA part 3…. It takes a long time in the UK to get completely qualified. so as well as working full time I’m now doing a few essays a month so not much time for blogging.

Any way this project is a fun one I’m doing with my mate Sam. Basically 6mm sci fi skirmishing and a bit of background creative righting based on the games and forces we make, more on that in another post.

The miniatures are a mix of angel barracks and dark realm.

6mm 3



6mm 1


About benjaminwalton

I'm a 27 year old wargamer originally from Pendock Worcestershire. I now live in Kingston and work as an architect in Teddington lock. I've been in to wargaming since I was about 9, starting with airfix and revell plastic figures then moving on to games workshop. I'm now manly in to historical naval gaming but I'll play whatever looks like good fun.

3 responses to “Some 6mm sci fi fun”

  1. Michael says :

    Very nice indeed. How did you make the playing surface, those rocks are very tidy..

    • benjaminwalton says :

      Thanks 🙂 its a cheep canvas from a art shop covered in different grade sand. The bigger rocks are blue foam liberated from the model makeing cupboard at wourk, then liberally hacked with a knife.

  2. Doug says :

    Very nice, I really like the Dark Realm stuff, mine I did as an ice planet force, (Hoth anyone?) –

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