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James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Douglas


Just finished off the second contingent for my 10mm Otterburn project, It’s was all good fun and games. This has to be the hardest heraldry I’ve tried to paint at 10mm, looks a bit scrappy but OK on the table. I’ve been darting back and forth a bit with my painting, there is one hell of a mix on the painting table…..



Sir Henry Percy, Hotspur

Hello internet, long time no post. I’ve been a bit all over the place recently what with holiday enjoying the UK heat wave and settling in to my not so new now job.

On the wargaming front I have been playing a lot of wars of the roses games using a homebrew twist of the scottorum malleus rules. The rules give a good fun and fast game that has an end results that feels about right. If I get round to recording one of the games I’ll put up a full battle report. In the meantime here is a picture from a battle… a York!!! a York!!!   wotr

I’ve also been side tracked by an Otterburn project in 10mm using Hinchliffe’s 10mm 100 years wars range. In my opinion it’s a very solid range the sculpts are good and are the same size as pendrakens. You also get a lot of different poses in the packs so your units look nice and alive. This is the first stand Hotspur himself who i will end up doing again for Shrewsbury with his later heraldry… probably…. the Flag is hand painted and looks ok for the scale me thinks, comments as always very welcome.

hotsp 1

hotsp 2