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Mixed bag of painted ships… mostly 1:2400


I went down to the games night at the stains war gaming club last night had two great games of wings of war (must resist new shiny things) and a load of fun! I’ll be off down there again soon.

Off the paint table t his week is a mix of Victorian iron and 17th century elegance.

First is HMS Hotspur a bit off a flop historically but I like her.  She was designed as a ram to go in to battle with the fleet but could only make 12.6 kts Warrior made 14 kts….. And no that’s not a turret it’s an armed box with four ports for the one 12in MLR, still an interesting ship.



Next is the HMS Warrior




USS Indian at 1:3000 from NAVWAR, the fist of my US pre dreads. Fascinated by these since I went to the museum in Havana and saw a massive model of the battle of Santiago and had no idea what it was.


And finally a English galley frigate from the late 17th century  1:2400 from tumbling dice. Looking forward to seeing how she works in a game, could be interesting .

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Yet more 1:2400 goodness

Sorry for the absence of posts I’ve been settling in to a new job and off on a few climbing trips so not much time for blogging… but lots of time in the mornings for painting still. Here is a 100 gun late 17th century English ship of the line, 1:2400 by tumbling dice. These are coming together well I’ve got two more ships from this period nearly completed. Which is good as I’m being tempted back in to painting moderns 🙂 and my Romano Brits are also looking at me funny.1


I’ve also been busy on my 1:2400 ironclads, finishing off HMS Monarch. HMS Monarch was Reed’s successful fully-rigged turret ship. The arguments surrounding her design led to the catastrophically unsuccessful Captain pushed for by Coles.3


Napoleonic and revolutionary wars update


Bit of an update gallery for my Napoleonic and revolutionary wars royal navy fleet. I’ve mostly been painting 74’S so rather than just post lots of the same ship I thought id show the whole fleet as it currently stands. As well as 74’s I’ve also been painting some gun boats (yes you can get them in 1:2400), ships boats, floating batteries, a Martello tower and a light house. The ships and boats are all Tumbling dice the light house and Martello tower are from figure head.


These small boats and defences are all going to be featuring in my blockade campaign.      BL1

Interesting find at salute



I saw this on the westwind stand at salute and was intrigued. Apparently they are going to be bringing out a range of scenery modelled on the battle of Copenhagen. It’s supposed to be available this summer and I for one can’t wait, it looks like it will be perfect for use with my 1:2400 scale ships.

Mechanics for an operational scale Napoleonic blockade game


I’ve been mulling over some ideas for the mechanics of an operational scale Napoleonic blockade game. A few ideas have been sparked by a conversation over on TMP, so I thought I would post some of the result here to get some more input.

The game itself will revolve around the blockade of a French port and will be played out using 1:2400 scale ships. The game is on the operational scale and will deal with supply, weather and maintaining or breaking the blockade.  One idea that came out of the conversation is supply point’s and the managing of them by both sides. This could provide an interesting driver for this type of game especially when you consider how they get used up and replenished. I think that would make you think about how active you can be as the blockading fleets Admiral, how closely can you press the blockade, when do you take the main fleet off station in a storm to preserve supply points. If the French fleet is in the roads ready for sea and a storm blows up you are going to risk those supply points to keep your fleet on station and the fleet bottled up.

I was thinking of two ways of running the game. The first is as a campaign of linked games using a map to plot the campaign turns. I think this method could run quite smoothly and do what I’m after.

The other idea I had is a bit more experimental and would involve playing the whole blockade campaign on one table, possible in 1:2400 with a big table with a bit of abstraction, a bit like the 3mm and 6mm high level games you see. To stop the game being as dull as a average day on a real blockade I’m thinking of using a game mechanism adapted from the modern naval rules shipwrecked. In the shipwrecked rules you have two time scales in the game, movement turns run until a missile if fired then you go in to a loop of combat turns until this faster paced action is resolved. So using this principle you would have turns of blockade which represents longer periods of time, say a day or quarters of a day where you set stations for ships and move supplies ect, this would go on until a set of combat turns begin. The set of combat turns would kick in when you have a ship to ship action or a raid.

I think this idea would have to be teamed up with a very fast play set of rules for the actual ship to ship actions but could be fun. It could bring in all the interesting factors involved in fighting at sea like tide, whether and supplies. That when combined determine how or if an action plays out. I don’t think this idea would handle a full feet action but it could do the build up to one giving a back ground with a bit of depth. Well this is the initial thought, as it comes together I shall post some progress updates.

Just how small are unrated vessels at 1:2400


Well here’s the answer, very small. Just to give everyone an idea of the scale of these miniatures I’ve take some photos. We have a cuter, a ship sloop and a brig in the background is a 74 all compared with a 20p piece, as you can see these guys really are tiny.


East Indiaman and the inshore squadron


Just a quick post to show what I’ve been working on. I picked this ship up after reading a certain Patrick O’Brian book, Think she will come in useful in a few games. shes a east India company ship, I’m not a hundred percent positive that the pennant is correct so if anyone can advice otherwise that would be helpful.

I’ve also got some small craft rigged and ready to sail in the form of a sloop a brig and a cutter, these guys are tiny!!I mean really tiny 2mm of free board. You could do the battle of Lake Erie on a A3 peace of paper… now there is an idea for a travel game….

As usual the miniatures are all tumbling dice except for the fort, that’s from irregular 2mm range.


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