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Some 6mm sci fi fun

6mm 2

just a quick pictorial update on my fun 6mm project.

I’m currently finishing of the last part of my architectural education, the RIBA part 3…. It takes a long time in the UK to get completely qualified. so as well as working full time I’m now doing a few essays a month so not much time for blogging.

Any way this project is a fun one I’m doing with my mate Sam. Basically 6mm sci fi skirmishing and a bit of background creative righting based on the games and forces we make, more on that in another post.

The miniatures are a mix of angel barracks and dark realm.

6mm 3



6mm 1



Sci Fi kit bash

Got randomly inspired the other day to have a go at some 6mm Sci Fi skirmishing. The result was this little kit bashed research station. It’s not completely finished and if anyone has any ideas or tips to improve it that would be brilliant.

Eccels station1

The idea is that the two units are small mobile (in the same way as a porter cabin) research stations. There both modular units that have been kited out for different tasks. You have the coms and lab in one and living quarters in the other with a small generator out back. I also have the idea that there partially dug in to the ground for protection from the harsh climate.

Eccels station2

I Really got a lot of enjoyment out of making these, it’s nice to do something a bit different and make something out of left over’s.