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Mixed bag of painted ships… mostly 1:2400


I went down to the games night at the stains war gaming club last night had two great games of wings of war (must resist new shiny things) and a load of fun! I’ll be off down there again soon.

Off the paint table t his week is a mix of Victorian iron and 17th century elegance.

First is HMS Hotspur a bit off a flop historically but I like her.  She was designed as a ram to go in to battle with the fleet but could only make 12.6 kts Warrior made 14 kts….. And no that’s not a turret it’s an armed box with four ports for the one 12in MLR, still an interesting ship.



Next is the HMS Warrior




USS Indian at 1:3000 from NAVWAR, the fist of my US pre dreads. Fascinated by these since I went to the museum in Havana and saw a massive model of the battle of Santiago and had no idea what it was.


And finally a English galley frigate from the late 17th century  1:2400 from tumbling dice. Looking forward to seeing how she works in a game, could be interesting .

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More Victorian iron and steam


The rebasing and general adding to the Victorian fleets continues. This week some royal navy iron manly from the period between the mid 1870’s and late 1880’s, this was a good time for battleship development including the successful Admiral class and the not so successful Conqueror class. And my personal favorites Inflexible and Ajax, inflexible was a real leap forward including a lot of steam powered auxiliary equipment and electric 800-volt d.c generators. The not so successful Conqueror had the small problem that her 12in guns could not be fired within 45 degrees of the bow or abaft the beam because of the damage to her they would do but still an interesting ship to game with. Not lease because as she was designed as a ram how do you close with an enemy you can’t fire at head on, a good puzzle to experiment with.



Also out of the docks is the reed designed Turkish Mesudiye a powerful central battery ironclad of 1875. Mesudiye went on to have a long life, as many of the Turkish ironclads did until sunk in 1914 by a royal navy submarine.




This week the rebasing continues, I’m working towards a few games with them this weekend so there will probably be a battle report or two over the next few weeks. As well as working on these I’ve kicked off on the 1:2400 tumbling dice British ironclads, starting with the massive broadside ironclad HMS Minotaur, so some pics of them soon to.

On the work bench

whats on the tabule

Just a post to show what I’m currently working on, yes I do get easily distracted but at least there all naval wargaming…

Prizes for spotting what’s on there


Rebased French pre-dreadnoughts, and a bit of a how to


Finally got round to starting this task, so far so good but getting consistency has been a bit of a struggle but hay it’s the sea it changes.  For my 1:3000 Victorian (there not all pre-dreadnoughts and not strictly speaking ironclads) I’ve opted for a darker sea think it go’s a bit better with the ships

The recipe is (all in GW paints)

1) Vallejo water Effects stippled on with a strip of balsa in lines, this wants to give the base a good covering as this is what I stick the ship to the base with. After doing this bit I put the ship on to the base this naturally gives a bit of a bow wave.

2) Kantor Blue as a base coat

3) Thunderhawk blue as a heavy dry brush

4) Hawk turquoise as lighter dry brush

5) chramite white light dry brush. A line for the bow wave then heavy dry brush in the wake.

6) nuln oil wash all over the base but avoiding bow wave

7)Ardcoat, but not too much

Not a proper how to but hopefully a little helpful. It would be cool to hear what other people use for their bases.

also I’m thinking about rigging these but don’t know if that would look massively wrong with 1:3000 ships especially as they are more in scale then the 1:2400 ones I’ve done. I’m defiantly adding masts to some though.



Italian pre-dreadnoughts


We have the Italian pre-dreadnoughts RINS Italia, RINS Lepanto, RINS Dandolo and RINS Duilio, at the time the Italia class where cutting edge the largest and fastest for a few years,  although there were problems like with the main 17-inch guns having a very slow rate of fire.

The ships are navwar 1:3000, I’m looking at adding detail to these but am a bit stumped as to how, so any ideas great fully accepted.



French pre-dreadnoughts

Just a quick post to show some of my French pre-dreadnoughts I have a small but growing fleet of these. The ships pictured are tame by the French standards of the time, hopefully I’ll get some of the more weird and wonderful offerings up on here soon.

I think this period of naval architecture is fascinating, it’s packed full of experiments and oddities. Torpedoes, rubber armour, water jet propulsion see HMS Waterwitch, rams and various odd looking turret combinations (most of which did varying degrees of damage to their own ship when fired) to name but a few. There is also plenty of scope for the wargamer even if the period was in realty relatively peaceful at sea. With all the political tension and posturing offering up plenty of might have been engagements and scenarios between the big powers at sea.

The models are all Navwar  and 1:3000